DIY fabric weights

If you are like me you hate pinning. I don’t use that word lightly. I really really dislike pinning when I am cutting out my fabric. It’s such a pain in the butt! I have seen fabric weights in the store and the price is outrageous for something you can make yourself! I have seen others attempt to make them successfully so I figured I would give it a shot myself. Without a pattern it took me a few times (3 to be exact) but once I got it down it was pretty easy. Plus if you have kids they can even use them to learn to juggle if they’re into that. Or a hacky sack? If you’re old enough to remember those like I am!  

To start out cut out 6 squares of fabric.Only other thing you need is thread and dried beans or rice. Any kind will work. I did 2 1/2 inches X 2 1/2 inches but you could do anywhere from 2 inches x 2 inches and up to however big you need. I found that the size I did worked well so I stuck to it. 

ImageNext I will show you how they will be sewn together. Make a cross out of your pieces. 4 pieces across and then one on top and bottom of the second piece to the left. 


Now we are ready to sew them together. I am using plain fabric but if you are using patterned make sure to put the pieces right sides facing together. Then stich together.Image

It should look like this when you open it up.Image

Continue to put your pieces together til all 4 are lined up and sewn. Make sure you double check that you are sewing them together the right way. Remember right sides facing together. 


Next step is to complete our cross shape. Again turning right sides towards each other and sewing at the edge, add your top and bottom pieces. 



It should look like this.



Now we are going to sew our piece into a box. I’ll show you how to start off. Take the two pieces I am pointing to and sew them together by putting the 2 right sides together and then stiching. This is important! If you sew the wrong way your seems will show and you will have to start all over like I did the first time and I promise you will be mad! Or at least irritated.  Double check and then sew your line. 



Once you’re done if you turn it right side out it should look like this. 


Now that the first side is done you’re just going to continue to match up the sides to complete the sides of the square. Remember to make sure you’re sewing the right sides together! That is honestly the hardest part of this project. For someone who sews often this is usually engraved on their brain but people like me need reminding every once in a while. Once you are done with the sides your box should look like this with just the top flap unsewn. Yay! We are almost done!!!!! 


Now to close in the top. We are going to be flipping the fabric inside out to make it easier and we are going to sew just 2 of the 3 sides closed. We need to leave the third open to flip it right side out and add the weights (our beans or rice). After you sew your 2 sides flip it right side out.




Once you have it right side out it should pretty much look like a box with one side open. Now comes the fun part. The beans! (or rice) I used navy beans simply because they were the cheapest. 


Fill your fabric weight up about 3/4 of the way full. We are going to machine sew these closed and if you overfill them it will be tough! Trust me. I did it the first time. 


Now take your weight and slightly fold in the edges of the fabric. We don’t want to have the edges fray and stick out too far. 



With that out of the way sew that side up on your machine real quick and you’re done! If you would like a cleaner, hidden seam you can hand sew a blind stich to close it. If you are giving as a gift you may want to do that. I used the machine on the ones I made and I was happy with them. 



You can make them in multiple color and fabric choices to match or mix them up to have a bright crazy mix of weights! 


Next time you have to cut out a pattern use your weights and enjoy a pin-less cutout! 



Pinterest pin test out: Toy Sack

When I came across this pin I just had to click on it! I am constantly searching for cute easy projects to do that have GOOD tutorials attached. Without a good tutorial I am lost. Utterly, completely lost! I was so happy when I clicked on the pin to find a wonderful tutorial here from Make It & Love It. Check out the original post here  This tutorial is excellent! She does a great job at showing the step by step process and making it easy for a visual learner like me. Alrighty then let’s get to it!

I was blessed to be able to drive home for Thanksgiving. While I was there I was also blessed to be given a huge bag full of fabric that belonged to my grandmother. A lot of it is vintage looking and old so I figured it would make a cute vintage inspired toy sack. I picked out my 2 colors and cut them per the tutorial. ImageNow comes the fun stuff! I read over Make It & Love It’s blog one more time and then started sewing. I started sewing my smaller rectangle onto the bigger one. Nothing fancy pretty basic stuff here folks. I used contrasting thread to add a little “border.”  Then I continued on and sewed the rectangle to the front piece. Her instructions say not to worry about fraying but I am not a fan of fraying (ocd much?) so I zigzag stiched when applying the rectangle to the front of the bag. No extra effort on my part.


That was easy! Just my speed too. Next was to serge or zigzag around the edges of the 2 larger pieces. I for one don’t need a serger and can’t justify the price of it so I just use my zigzag stich. It’s the next best thing and works pretty well most of the time.


Onto the next step. After zigzagging around the 2 pieces for the bag I put them right side together and sewed them together leaving the top 2 inches on both sides open to add the ties. So far so good. Just don’t mind my lack of manicure…. remember I have 4 kids!?!?

ImageSo with that being done I added zigzag stiching on the sides of my open seams. I will spare you the boring picture from that one. Make It & Love It has pictures in her tutorial for ya. The next part of her tutorial blew my mind….. She posted on how to square off the bottom of the bag! Ok, I am sure most of you already knew how to do this but I did not. I am so happy! I mean where has this info been all my life?!? She even has a tutorial inside her tutorial on how to do it. Again, it was pretty easy but I am still excited about it.

ImageThe last part I’m going to tell you about real quick is threading the ribbon through. First a great thing to do is run a lit lighter over the edges of the ribbon. It keeps it from fraying. Then use a safety pin to run your ribbon through so you don’t lose it and have to start over. Taking 2 seconds to do this will save your sanity. Promise.


Here we are after threading. Ta-Da! I was finished in less than an hour. This pin is another keeper. Make It & Love It is my kinda blog and her instructions are awesome!

ImageSee that fraying? Yeah Im going to get rid of that don’t you worry! Next time I think I will do this in fun bright fabric for the kids.

ImageI didn’t add any writing to the front per lack of stuff to do it so I’m not sure what to do about that yet. Happy sewing people!

Chess Squares

Everyone who knows me well enough know that I LOVE Pinterest. I can spend hours pinning recipes, crafts, sewing tutorials, birthday ideas, and all sorts of stuff I will probably never even use or even attempt for that matter. Well, lately I have decided to start cooking more for my family. I want to cook more homemade, from scratch, sit down and tell me how your day went dinners. At some point I will be blogging about that and letting you know how my first time Pinterest pinned recipe experiments go. Today we had a pinterest crock pot meal but I made the blog afterwards so we will start the first post with a dessert. Enough of my blabbering….let’s get down to business.

A Few days ago I pinned a recipe for chess squares aka Paula Deens Gooey Butter Cake. I decided today was a good a day as ever to test it out since I had all of the ingredients and a few minutes to spare. I have purchased this at Walmart before and it is oh so good so I was thrilled to be able to find a recipe. This cake is so so delicous, horrible for you, but so worth a splurge once in a while. Here is the recipe from Pinterest with a link to the original poster below. (Gotta give credit where credit is due!)

1 box yellow cake mix
3 eggs
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted
4 cups (1 lb) powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 300 and spray a 9×13 dish with cooking spray. Mix cake mix, melted butter and one egg to a soft dough. Press into the bottom of the pan. Mix powdered sugar, softened cream cheese and remaining two eggs until smooth, about 1-2 mins. Pour on top of crust. Bake at 300 for 40-50 minutes until top is golden brown


This was a relatively easy process. My 5 year old was gracious enough to stir the dough for me and do all the hard work. Gotta love having kids around to help cook. We patted the dough into the pan and prepped the cream cheese mixture and spread it on top.  Mind you this only took about 10 minutes which is perfect for my busy schedule.


DSCF9379The recipe calls for 40-50 minutes at 300 degrees. I popped this baby in and set the timer for 40 minutes. 40 minutes didn’t quite cut it so I added a few minutes. I would suggest setting your timer for 40 minutes and then checking on it every 2 or 3 minutes til its golden brown and ready to come out. Ok so now that that’s over with comes the hard part.  The waiting. My kids were constantly asking  “Is it cool yet?” “Can I have some now mom? Please?” Finally it was cool enough to cut into and I will show you the finished product.  So GOOD! Like slap your grandmama good! This recipe is a keeper. A forever pin on my Pinterest dessert board.  Make sure to save it. Perfect for family get togethers and for those days your spouse forgets to mention company is coming. Just don’t tell them how easy it was to bake! DSCF9382



Glad you stumbled across my blog!

Hey there! Welcome to my first attempt at blogging on WordPress! I’m a born again Christian, wife, mom of 4, college student, cooking, baking, crafting housewife. I love spending time with my girls trying out new crafts and recipes. I thought I would share parts of my journey with you. Look forward to Pinterest recipes and idea reviews, canning recipes, sewing posts and more. Enjoy!