Snow Dough!

My children have a 4 day weekend this week so I decided to scan through my Pinterest boards to find an activity for them to do. I decided on making some snow dough. This stuff is great. It is light and airy but easily moldable. Original recipe can be found here. I did not want to make as much as they did so I just followed this recipe. 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part shaving cream. After scouring my house I could only find shaving gel but it worked just fine! 


Find yourself an air proof container. One that you don’t store food in. The smell from the shaving cream/gel might absorb into your container. Yuck. Add your shaving cream/gel.



Next dump your cornstarch on top.



Finally mix it all up til well combined and play! You can also dye this with a few drops of food coloring or you could even add glitter. My advice is to make this an outdoor play activity. My kids had a blast but made quite a mess This will only last a few days stored in an airtight container but it is very much worth it! Cheap ingredients and loads of fun!!!



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