My Take on Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

I have seen a few Pinterest posts on cookie dough greek yogurt. It looked good but I had some ideas to make it lighter and less fat and calorie dense. Here is how I did it. It’s yummy! A great substitute when you want something sweet! All you need is vanilla greek yogurt (any brand) mini chocolate chips, sweetener of your choice (sugar, splenda, stevia, etc) and PB2 which is a brand of powdered peanut butter. It’s peanut butter with all the oils squeezed out so there is 85% less fat. If you can’t find any you can always sub for regular peanut butter, it would just up your calories and fat.

get-attachment (1)

Put 1/2 cup yogurt into your bowl (or use a single serve yogurt), 1 tablespoon of sweetener, 1 heaping spoonful of mini chocolate chips, and a heaping spoonful of PB2 (or peanut putter if you don’t have any)

get-attachment (2)

Mix together and Enjoy!



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